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Single Color Magazines

Color Options
  • Pricing and color options are for one magazine. Pick from the color options to get your order started.


    *If you want a color that is NOT listed, select a color that is the closest to what you want from the color options and then be sure to tell us what color you want in the order notes.


    If you’d like to send in more than one magazine add the number of magazines you’re sending in by first selecting your desired color and then adding to cart.  If you’d like more than one of the same color simply change the number in the quantity window.

  • Pack up your gun (or gun parts) in a nice box. Pack it up tight. Like someone is going to throw it at a wall repeatedly. Take it on down to your local FEDEX or UPS store.


    Fear not! Upon order confirmation and payment we will send you the address for shipping.



    Please include a print out of your order confirmation email in the box along with your return address.


Thanks for submitting!

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